Eco-Challenge February 2017: Breaking the Habit

February marks the beginning of the first Eco-Challenge! This month, my wife and I will be focused on habits: breaking the bad, and building the good. I will be blogging and vlogging weekly about our experience, sharing with you tips, life hacks, and lessons learned. Each week, I will cover a different subtopic(s) of the [...]

The Ultimate Minnesota Waterfall Roadtrip

Minnesota's glacially carved landscape is marked with countless remarkable natural features, including some of the best waterfalls in the country. No matter the season, it is worth the trip. You can do this road trip in two ways: 1) Start south of Minneapolis at Vermillion Falls in Hastings, or 2) Start at Wolf Creek Falls [...]

What are Eco-Challenges?

Hello, everyone! With February approaching, it's time to introduce the Eco-Challenge of the month. February's theme: Breaking the Habit. We all do (or don't do) things on a daily basis that are easy to look past, but make a big impact over time. Some of the topics I will cover include: reducing energy use, water [...]

Eco-Break: Season 1

Work on the first round of Eco-Break episodes is underway! This first season will focus on basic ecological concepts. Here is the episode list! What is Ecology? The History of Life Under the Sea Life on the Land The Perfect Temperature Water Energy Social Life The Natural Selection Abundance Population Dynamics Population Growth Human Population [...]

The Mystery of Zebra Stripes Solved

Listen to an extended version of the full interview in the video below: The mystery of zebra stripes has long been a subject of debate, at least since the days of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. Now, thanks to Dr. Tim Caro, a professor of wildlife biology at the University of California-Davis, we finally have our answer. [...]