What are Eco-Challenges?

Hello, everyone!

With February approaching, it’s time to introduce the Eco-Challenge of the month. February’s theme: Breaking the Habit.

We all do (or don’t do) things on a daily basis that are easy to look past, but make a big impact over time. Some of the topics I will cover include: reducing energy use, water waste, recycling, and more! We all have either bad habits or good habits we can build upon. My wife and I will be participating in every challenge, blogging about our wins and losses, and provide a place for people to share their tips in tricks with fellow readers. I personally like to use the app JouleBug. It’s a free app and can track your savings in carbon, waste, and water. You can event connect your energy account to track your energy usage overtime, or participate in challenges locally. Download the app to follow along with us! Stay tuned for the first Eco-Challenge update.

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