The February Eco-Challenge has ended

The February Eco-Challenge with Joule Bug has come to an end with Chloe Lazarus as the winner. Congratulations Chloe! Just for the sake of a quick recap, the buzz-able actions were Lights Out, Brush with Greatness, Bin to Win, Save a Flush, Shower Sprinter, Washing Cold, Shut Eye, Fill 'er Up, Washing Smart, Feed the [...]

Day 2: So far, so good.

It may only be day 2, but I'm feeling confident about our efforts. My wife and I are both, let's say, hyper-competitive. We're currently in a heated battle, the likes of which haven't been seen since The Dark Knight took on The Last Son of Krypton, to see who can get the highest score in solitaire. [...]

‘Breaking the Habit’ Starts Now!

Today's the day. No, not Valentines Day, well, yes but it's also the official start of the Breaking the Habit Eco-Challenge with JouleBug! This challenge is all about sustainable habits, both building the good and breaking the bad. As always, my wife and I are particpating right along with everyone else. I'll be blogging and [...]