Lights out, everyone! Remembering to turn off the lights can mean huge savings.

It should be one of those things that we just do. Like brushing our teeth or washing our hands. However, it isn’t always that easy to do. Okay, it’s not exactly a hard thing to do. I mean, you’re just flipping a switch, but it’s just as easy to forget. Forgetting to turn your lights off is one of those bad habits that is completely understandable, yet also incredibly easy to break.

In the U.S., it’s normal for people to leave their lights on and forgotten about 20% of the time. That adds up to an annual waste per household of 441 lbs of CO2, which is the amount released by running a hot tub for 39 hours, watching 2259 hours of TV, or charging a laptop 2885 times. (JouleBug) Considering those environmental benefits, not to mention the savings on your electricity bill, it’s a good place to start.

Most energy companies also have online tools available which help breakdown your home energy usage to see what’s using up the most. Sign-in and see what you can do to start saving today.

Remembering can be tricky. Here are some ideas to help you make this a habit:

I’ve gotten better about opening the blinds while the sun is up but the early sunsets of the winter only allow for so much time. With that being said, every second you can supplement the sun’s free light is worth it. Make it a general rule that when the sun is up, so are your blinds.

Try printing your energy usage information, or use your electricity bill, and post it on the fridge or maybe even by one of our most used light switches. It’ll serve as a gentle reminder and motivator to be green and save green.

What ways do you have of remembering? Share in the comments!


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