March is all about being an ‘Energy Saver’

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This months Eco-Challenge (3/19-3/25) with JouleBug is all about saving energy. This months buzz-able actions are shown in the slideshow above. Since this is only the second challenge, here is a brief re-cap of how this works and how to join:

Eco-Challenges are hosted by Joule Bug, a free smartphone app which makes sustainable living social, simple, and fun. You can download it in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Within the app, you can join communities.

It’s cool, functional, and sustainable!

In this case, The Wild Life Community where you can “buzz” your accomplishments and green deeds. It can even track the pounds of CO2 saved, waste diverted, and gallons of water saved by the community as a whole. To join the challenge, just download the app, join the community, and enter the challenge. This month, the 1st place winner will be receiving an official stainless steel ‘The Wild Life’ travel mug!

How to become an Energy Saver

Over the next couple of weeks, check back for posts highlighting the ins-and-outs of some of this months buzz-able actions. We’ll be covering the “how-to”, the “why?” and everything in between. Along the way, I will be sharing my personal progress with implementing these green habits, as well as tips & tricks I learn along the way through videos, articles, and general resource sharing.

Already have some unique or effective energy saving tips? Share in the comments!


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