Energy Saver: Dress the Part

The Energy Saver Eco-Challenge with JouleBug is just 3 days 1 hour 54 minutes and 23 seconds away as I write this (but who’s counting?). Today, I’d like to highlight one of the buzz-able actions which gets you 8 base-points, or points before bonuses awarded for sharing on social media and the like, and that is “Dress the Part”.

It’s March, otherwise known as the “The Walking Dead Month” or “Game of Thrones Month” because it toy’s with your emotions. Okay, so maybe no one calls March by either of those names, myself included, but they could. One day it’s warm out with a cool breeze, the next it’s frigid, bone-snapping, cold. On a side-note: Have you ever noticed how every single state thinks it’s the only one that has weeks containing all 4 seasons? I always see pictures captioned “Only in ___” and it’s always a different state. I hate to burst your bubble but weather is crazy sometimes, especially between season changes, but I digress.

When your home is cold, it sucks. After all, you want to be cozy at home. Home is a safe-place where you go to relax and feel…at home. If you’re like me, it doesn’t matter the season. It can be 90-degrees and sunny and you’ll still be wearing a hoodie. Now, the easiest fix for getting warm would be to crank up the heat, right? Wrong. Think about it. If what you really want is to heat yourself, why would you start by trying to warm the biggest thing in your house, that thing being your actual house? When I put it like that, it’s hard to disagreeĀ that that sounds like something only a crazy person would think is logical. What’s the alternative? If you haven’t figured it out yet, you could use some serious practice in deduction, or maybe you’re just not fond of reading titles. I doubt that though because something tells me you wouldn’t have made it this far into my ramblings if that were the case. Again, I digress. So,

What’s the Alternative?

Put on an extra layer or two. Slip on a sweater, put on a pot of coffee, have a warm tea, snuggle up to your bae, or break out the blanket. Any of those are a better alternative to cranking the heat for your energy bill and for the environment. Dress the part and save 112 lb of CO2 per year. That’s the same yearly impact as charging a laptop 731 times, planting 1 tree seedling, baking 98 frozen pizzas, or watching 573 hours of TV.


Like I said, I am always cold. I basically always have on long-sleeves, even when it’s smoldering out. If you’re at home, I assume the walk to your closet can’t be much further than the walk to your thermostat. Something I do is always keep a hoodie out and a throw blanket near the couch. I’m pretty much always drinking coffee which is basically liquid comfort which also helps keep me warm. It’s honestly not a difficult habit to build. Added bonus: you get to be hella cozy all of the time!

How do you keep warm?

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