Greening Your Laundry

Despite what you may think, not all of your laundry has to be washed on hot, or even warm for that matter. You can get special detergents which work best with cold water,but the truth is that most detergents nowadays will do just fine. Using the cold wash makes a huge difference for your wallet and the environment and it gets your clothes just as clean. According to Energy Star, 90% of your washing machines energy usage is for heating water.

Start a cooler cycle

Using what we know about the average washer, the hot-cold water ratio of whichever cycle you select, and assuming you switch 70% of your laundry loads to cold wash, your annual savings impact is equivalent to the amount of energy required to bake 303 frozen pizzas, charge a laptop 2256 times, watch 1766 hours of TV, or power a hot tub for 31 hours.

Leaving it out to dry

I understand putting your clothes on  a drying rack or a clothesline isn’t possible for everyone or every season. For those of you who can, however, it’s worth the savings.

According to Joule Bug data, the average family runs 392 loads of laundry per year. So, assuming you have 90 nice enough days to dry your clothes outside, you’re saving 487 lbs of CO2. That’s the same yearly impact as powering a hot tub for 43 hours, baking 428 frozen pizzas, or watching 2496 hours of TV! (JouleBug)

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