3 Ways to Get to Mailbox Zero

I have seen this image in different incarnations and I laugh every time because it speaks so much truth. Me? I can be both. I have a tendency to allow emails to build up, especially if I know they are junk mail, and have a twice weekly purge session to get rid of the annoying red alert icons.


A lot of people want to be an “inbox zero” kind of person, but what about “mailbox zero”? Ask yourself, how often do you check the mail and how much of it ends up in the bin? Ask my wife, I am obsessive about checking the mail because I never want to miss anything important, but the reality is that 9 times out of 10 the mailbox is packed to the gills with coupons, credit card offers, and a subscription to Seventeen magazine that I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR. Well, today is your lucky day because I’m here to tell you three ways that you can get to mailbox zero.

Say “Bye, Bye” to Bills

Don’t light the fireworks just yet. I don’t mean you can make your bills disappear, though who wouldn’t love that? What you can do, however, is switch to e-billing and paperless statements. The average household receives almost 7 lbs of paper in bills each year (JouleBug). It might not sound like a ton, but multiply that by 125.82 million (number of US households in 2016, US Census) and that’s 880.74 million pounds of bills! More information on www.payitgreen.com


Crush Those Annoying Catalogs

Download the Paper Karma app, or visit www.catalogchoice.com and www.DMAchoice.org to get rid of those pesky catalogs clogging up your mailbox. Best part? It’s free!

Don’t Take the Credit

You’re pre-approved…to get rid of unwanted credit card offers! Did you know that 46% of credit card offers are discarded without even being looked at? (JouleBug) Probably not hard to imagine since you more than likely do the same. Download Paper Karma app or opt out at optoutprescreen.com.

Environmental Bonus

If you do each of these things, your help the environment by:

Saving 270 lbs of CO2

Diverting 84 lbs of waste

and saving 786 gallons of water

Every. Single. Year.

For the breakdown on the numbers, download JouleBug for free from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

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