Eco-Break S1E2: The History of Life on Earth, Part 1

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14 billion years ago, the universe as we know it didn’t exist. It was smaller than an atom and more hot and dense than anything we could imagine and then…BANG! The Big Bang, in less than a second, the most fantastic mess of all time was made, expanding outward to create the wonders of the cosmos. If it gives you an idea of just how big this explosion was, the universe is still expanding even now. But today isn’t about the history of the universe, it’s about the history of life! So for that, we move on to ancient earth.

On Eco-Break S1E2, Part 1, Devon summarizes the history of life beginning at the Big Bang and leading up to the Cambrian Explosion.

Eco-Break is an educational series which delivers the most exciting, key, and need-to-know basics of ecology, biology, and the natural world.

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