The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Eco-Challenge has ended. How did we do?

At the time that the Energy Saver challenge ended, we had 53 member in our JouleBug community. Now, we are 76 members strong and growing. As the Eco-Challenge community has continued to grow, so has our impact. Week by week, I watch as our numbers rise and I am continually inspired by each and everyone of you. You are helping to make a difference and proving that doing so doesn’t equate to drastic lifestyle changes or require you to shun modern luxuries. The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Eco-Challenge proved that all it takes to create change is building the right habits and breaking the bad. Here’s how we did:

Carbon Dioxide

athletes-1846039_19205.6 thousand pounds of CO2 were saved. That is the amount released by powering 4 homes for an entire month, lighting a football stadium for a whole game, or keeping your fridge cold for 1,728 days! (JouleBug)


270 pounds of waste were diverted from landfills. That’s the equivalent of eliminating 4 bins of garbage, which is the same weight as 5 old TV’s. (JouleBug)


pool-691008_192013 thousand gallons of water were saved. That’s the amount it takes to fill an average swimming pool 9 times, and equivalent to the amount down the drain if you were to flush a toilet 8,336 times. (JouleBug)

What does that bring our total impact to?

File_000 (26)

As a community, we have saved 437,726 pounds of CO2. That is the amount used powering 285 homes for a month, having the same environmental impact as saving 2 acres (2 football fields worth) of forest or planting 5,091 tree seedlings. (JouleBug)

We have diverted an elephants worth (20,771 pounds) of waste equivalent to almost 1,500 bags of garbage. (JouleBug)

As far as water is concerned, we have saved a whopping 932 thousand gallons. That’s the amount in an Olympic size swimming pool. If you break it down based on the “8 glasses of waste per day” rule, that’s a days supply of water for 1,864 000 people.

As always, be happy, be healthy, be the source of change, and live a wild life.

Keep up the good work, Eco-Warriors! Want to join ‘The Wild Life’ community on JouleBug? Download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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