Season 1 of The Wild Life coming soon. Here’s what to expect.

As 2018 gets going, so are we, and we need your help! Part of our show is answering questions from our listeners— anything from “what’s up with worms?” to “how are snakes so fast?”, or “how come penguins can’t fly but Porgs can?!” — usually with the help of an expert. In order to do that, we need your questions.

You can submit your questions by sending us a message on Facebook. Score bonus points and have the chance to have your voice heard on an episode by sending us a voice message via Facebook Messenger or attaching a recorded voice memo from your phone.

About the show

The Wild Life is a show that embraces curiosity, answers your questions, and reveals exciting discoveries through humor, story-telling, and interviews with leading experts.

The Wild Life is hosted by brothers Devon and Richard Bowker. Here’s what to expect: we’ll start off each episode with the latest wildlife related news and discoveries, answer a question from our listeners, and blow your minds as we explore an entire planets worth of wildlife, natural history, and stories behind amazing discoveries and the fascinating people who make them. We’ll end each episode with a new “Animal Sound of the Week”. Send us your guesses on Facebook for a chance to win a prize, maybe not a great prize, but a prize nonetheless.


The Wild Life is listener, reader, and viewer supported. If you believe in what we’re doing, you can show your support by becoming a patron here. When you become a patron, you’ll gain exclusive access to content and have the opportunity to appear on our show to ask us your questions or help read the credits!

Meet Devon Bowker. Devon founded The Wild Life in January of 2017 with a mountain of a goal: to build a community that reconnects people and the natural world in meaningful ways. He’s an ardent naturalist with a degree in wildlife biology, a sci-fi fanatic, science writer, and curator of all things geekery. Devon is currently working towards achieving licensure to teach Life Science for grades 9-12. Devon lives with his wife and son in the central Minnesota.

Meet Richard Bowker. Richard is a film student, video game connoisseur, and a technological guru. He has been making films since he was 10 years old and has several years of broadcast and production experience under his utility belt. He is a lifelong outdoors enthusiast with a casual interest in geology that continues to grow with his increasingly impressive collection of rocks. Like Devon, Richard is a proud geek. Richard lives in Southeast Texas.

The first season is currently in production. While you wait, here is Devon’s first ever podcast in which he interviews Dr. Tim Caro of UC Davis, revealing the truth behind the mystery of Zebra stripes. The podcast is available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

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