S1E1: Love and Loneliness

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In S1E1, Devon and Richard tell the story of Nigel “No Mates” the lonely Gannet, explore the out of this world reason behind a massive crab migration, and perform this weeks Animal Sound of the Week!

Here is a video of the late Nigel “No Mates” attempting to woo his concrete lover. Of course, his love remained unrequited.

As promised, here is a video of the young crab hatchlings at the beginning of their 9 day migration last year. This years migration took place about 3 weeks ago!

Just look at how cute they are!

JustinGilligan/Christmas Island Tourism Association archives

And here is the Coconut Crab, the largest terrestrial invertebrate in the world. It looks like Tomatoa from Disney’s Moana.




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