S1E8 Leave it to Beavers

In this episode, Devon and Richard go on a totally real, not-recorded-indoors, time travel adventure to explore the life history of the busiest mammal out there—the beaver. Meet Beatrice the Beaver in the Boundary Waters, a Voyageur in the 1600’s and learn about all the ways beavers can impact their environment.

Our next episode will be centered around the theme of metamorphosis and will be our season finale, after which we will take a couple months to dive deep into developing our next season and making it the best it can be.

We had some significant issues with data loss and editing program issues putting together this episode. These things happen, but we hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

If you’d like to submit your guesses for #AnimalSoundOfTheWeek, you can do so by sending us a message on Facebook. Need to relisten? Here’s another go!


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