Our First Ever TWL Hiking Club Meetup!

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TWL Hiking Club Meet Up

August 25, 5 pm

Quarry Park, Waite Park, MN

Our first meet up has been scheduled! It will be at a park in Central Minnesota, Quarry Park. Many people think this is only a place for swimming, cliff diving, and fishing. I have done all three of those, and frankly, I prefer the hikes. At this park, we will see prairie, wetland, granite quarries reclaimed by nature, and we will see even more moss, fungi, and fern. We will also likely see white tailed deer, an abundance of dragonflies, and we will hear a chorus of frogs. The coolest aspect of this hike is the area with an abundance of cactus that can be found in certain areas. The quarries themselves are pretty spectacular too. Here is a link to the park’s website.

My face when I realize there is cacti in MN

Our hike will be 2.5 miles in length, and it is of a beginner level. Most of the hike is shaded,  but there is a prairie that we trek through that can get quite warm. Be sure to have bug spray on hand, as it can be incredibly buggy in the wooded areas. It will also be beneficial to bring a water bottle. I usually wear boots on this trail instead of sandals because many of the trails have gravel on them.


There is a cost to attend this park, so be prepared for this. Their day permits cost $5, but it is only per car, so you can save some money while you’re saving the planet by carpooling. This park does have some pretty great swimming quarries, so you may consider bringing a swimsuit for after the hike.


I will obviously be there, but the creator of The Wild Life blog and podcast will also be on the hike. He is a naturalist and can help ID plants and animals while teaching you how to do so yourself in the future and tell you about the ecosystems and natural history!

If you have a story about or from hiking please do not hesitate to share. We will totally feature your story and pictures. To contact us with your story, message us on Instagram, @teacherwhohikes. You can also message The Wild Life on Facebook.

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