Podcast Season 2 Updates, Topics

Season Two of The Wild Life is well in the works, with at least two interviews being done this week (for both the premier and the finale, coincidentally). With that being said, Richard and I wanted to take the opportunity to share with yall the episode topics (and working titles) for the upcoming season. Here it goes:

S2E1: Is Anybody Out There?

Debating the age old question, “are we alone in the universe?”, by looking at how life evolved on earth and how scientists search for extraterrestrial life—with special guests!

S2E2: Ant Farm

You’ve heard of ant farms, but have you heard of ants that farm (and herd ‘livestock’)?

S2E3: Colony Contra

Colonies are marvels and mysteries of nature, from their organization out of chaos to their collapse. We take a closer look.

S2E4: Animal Magnetism

The earth is a giant magnet. Many animals can tap into it. We look at the how and why.

S2E5: Bottoms Up

What do lanternfish, phytoplankton, submarines, and WWII have in common? Find out with us!

S2E6: Jellyfish

“How could you possibly have fun with a Jellyfish?” So many ways!

S2E7: Fungus Amongus

From controlling the weather, to communicating with trees, and zombifying ants. There’s fungus amongus.

S2E8: Smarter than you think?

Are plants actually “intelligent”? We find out.

S2E9: Light Up the Night

Bioluminescence is fascinating, but how does it work and why?

S2E10: Whale Song

Self explanatory topic with a surprise!

S2E11: Fire!

Wildfires bring great destruction, and new life. We explore fires role in a healthy ecosystem and how human interference as both changed that balance, and learned from it.

S2E12: The End

There have been 5 mass extinctions in the history of life. Now, we are in another. We’re exploring all of them.

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