19 Creepy Critters and Monster Themed Animals That Will Get You In The Halloween Spirit

Halloween may already be near its end, but if you’re having trouble getting in the ghoulish spirit ahead of trick or treating or the witching hour, check out these 19 creepy critters and monster themed animals to help you be more David S Pumpkins and less David S No-Fun-kins. Instead of the normal explanatory captions, I’m opting for as little detail as possible. After all, the unknown is most terrifying of all!


1. Vampire Squid

While the squid isn’t particularly scary, its name sure is…sort of.

Halloween pennant j

2. Halloween Pennant

Not scary, but Halloween-y!

Death's-head Hawkmoth (6282798385)

3. Death’s Head Hawkmoth

Named of course for the skull like mark on its back.

Yeti crab

4. Yeti Crab

Both named after a monster, and sorta creepy!


5. Gila Monster

Okay, again, not really creepy, but it’s got the word monster in its name!


6. Goblin Shark

Finally, a creepy one.

Mormoops megalophylla

7. Ghost Faced Bat

But now we’re back to the “not creepy, but merely named after a monster” category…

Skeleton Shrimp 1

8. Skeleton Shrimp

Same here…

Vampire bat allogrooming

9. Vampire Bat

And again…unless you do find them scary?

Halloween crab

10. Halloween Crab

Still…not scary

Pliocercus euryzonus

11. Black Halloween Snake

You get the point


12. Sea Lamprey

And we’re back! Look at those teeth and try not to shiver!

Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis

13. Purple Frog

Creepy, purple, and just purely unsettling.

Frilled shark head2

14. Frilled Shark

No frills on this one, just spookiness.

Wild aye aye

15. Aye-Aye

Okay, it might just be me, but Aye-Aye’s are terrifying.


16. Tufted Deer

This doesn’t even look real…but it is! *muwahahaha*

Macrocheira kaempferi

17. Japanese Spider Crab


Red-lipped Bat fish
18. Red Lipped Batfish


Amphiprion clarkii - Cymothoa exigua (28999213532)

19. Tongue-Eating Louse

Look closely into the mouth of the clownfish, and be afraid.

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