TWL Hiking Club| Hike @ Night with HIKEhoppers and The Wild Life + a Big Announcement!

See the source imageThe Wild Life is joining forces with HIKEhoppers, a central MN non-profit organization, whose vision we share to connect people to nature through hiking events and educational learning experiences.

At 8:30 pm this Saturday, 6/15, join us for a night hike at Warner Lake Park in Clearwater, MN!

But before we get into the details, I wanted to share a big announcement with you all. This joining of forces isn’t going to be just a one time thing. Starting September of 2019,  I will be hosting a themed naturalist hike on the second Saturday of each month. Exciting stuff, right?! More details are to come, so please stay tuned. I could not be more excited about this new path forward.

Okay, now back to the Hike @ Night details.

There will be GLOW STICKS, Bonfires, and specialty S’mores! There is NOTHING like viewing nature at NIGHT! Explore a Stearns County Park through night vision and enjoy a night out for less than the cost of a movie and popcorn!  I will be joining, nat bag in hand, to share fun nature facts and tell you all of the things you never knew you wanted to know about that bug, or that weird thing some moths do to avoid bats.

Price includes: One pass for a Nocturnal Hike, a variety of Glow Sticks, and access to the S’more bar. For group pricing or questions please email

Please Note: When you register for HIKEhoppers events and programs you are acknowledging and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions for ALL participants in your order. Only parents and legal guardians may register children under the age of 18. Same conditions apply. All hikers (and/or guardians) must read and electronically sign Terms and conditions before registering thank you. HIKEhoppers Terms and Conditions

As you patiently wait for details on my upcoming hikes with HIKEhoppers, I highly recommend you check out their current work and events. Visit for more information on this wonderful bunch of people.



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