A Sneak Peak at Some Upcoming Episodes

As September 1st approaches and the metamorphosis of The Wild Life continues, we wanted to give you a sneak peak at some of our upcoming episodes. But before we do, a reminder: beginning September 1st, The Wild Life will be releasing new episodes every Friday and beginning a weekly blog release schedule as well! It will look a little something like this:

  • 1st Friday: Blog/Podcast combo by Devon
  • 2nd Friday: Hour long episode with a special guest (the ones listed below fall under this category)
  • 3rd Friday: Blog/Podcast Combo from Richard
  • 4th Friday: #CitSciFri, showcasing a new and interesting project, app, or program that lets everyday people get down and dirty with science!

As a reminder, The Wild Life is now available wherever you get your podcasts! As another, The Wild Life is listener and reader supported. We quite literally could not exist with out your support. For as little as $1 a month, you could join our community of science enthusiast and nature nerds at http://www.patreon.com/TheWildLife

If you join, you get all sorts of cool perks and merch, plus access to exclusive content, behind the scenes stuff, and the opportunity to submit questions to guests and appear on the podcast.

First up!


Fungi are amazing. In this episode, we will be exploring the Wood Wide Web, secret fungal powers like controlling the weather, and a bunch of other cool stuff!


Ever wonder if plants can think, feel, anticipate, or tell jokes? Maybe not the last part, but these questions have been around for, like, forever! We’ll explore old experiments like what happens when you talk to plants, whether or not plants can learn, and more!


Synchronized fireflies, deep sea fish, and other natural flashlights. How do they work? How did this evolve? Find out on The Wild Life!


Wildfires, fire suppression, prairie ecology, and California. This one’s gonna be hot!


In this two parter, we explore the Day the Dinosaurs Died, mass extinctions, and a particular one that makes Dino-Doomsday look like a picnic in the park!

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