November Membership Drive!

If you are reading this, that means, that on some level, you interact with The Wild Life. Maybe you’ve followed since the beginning. Maybe you’re a long time listener. Maybe you follow Devon (that’s me!) on social media and just enjoy basking in the ‘coolness’ that he (I) exudes. Whatever your reason might be for coming across this, we’re talking to you. Yes, you! You, the wonderful human being who is maybe reading this after a hard day at work, or who’s struggling to get out of bed, or who just had the greatest workout of their life, or just saw a bird do that one really weird thing you’ve only seen once before and just want to know why. The person, like all of us, who is flawed, and beautiful, and curious, and smarter than they think. You.

The Wild Life depends on you. Devon (me, again) is a High School science teacher with two young children with a passion project and a dream that is slowly becoming reality. Richard is a space science student with a head full of dreams. We do what we do out of love and an endless drive to chase our curiosity, and in the process, hopefully, inspire you to look at the world around with a little sense of wonder.

Why Now?

Well, we’re growing! Episode downloads are up over 600%! With that comes new needs.

Avid, the company that produces the Pro Tools editing software has a license purchase special discount if 65% bringing the total cost to about $250. That’s the editing software hit podcasts, such as Radiolab, use! Trouble is, that offer only lasts until the end of November.

We NEED it. Just like Richard needs a new microphone and recording setup, and we need to make new merch sample purchases and actual purchases to provide as gifts and promo items. Having these tools is a game changer for us.

What’s The Incentive To Become a Member Now?

Just in the past few weeks, we’ve launched the Wildlife Ambassadors program. Basically, when you become a member at, you can pick a species of some kind of personal importance to you and we will donate 10% of your contributions each month to either a conservation program or research project related to that species! Yes, you read that right! We’ll also feature you and your species on our website along with your lifetime conservation contributions. 

If you become a member during the November Membership Drive, we’ll double your first two months conscious conservation contribution through the Wildlife Ambassadors programs to 20%!

The Benefits

Become a Wildlife Ambassador! Pick a species that means something to you and we’ll divert 10% of your membership each month to a relevant conservation program or research effort. We’ll feature you and your chosen critter on with a lifetime tracker of your conservation contributions!
Access our Discord server, a voice and text chat app that you can use to chat with us and other listeners about the latest episodes, blog posts, or ask questions!
Submit questions to podcast guests before we record! Think about it. You could finally learn why wombats have cubed poop! 
An “Executive Producer” business card. If anyone ever questions you, we’ll back you up ;)!
A sticker of impossible power!
A shout-out on social media and the show’s credit forever and always!
You’ll get random sneak peaks at a crowded Google Sheet and future guests
 …because you’re a star!
Of course, you get all of the previous stuff, but also…
We’ll send you a personal postcard with a sketch every 3 months, and a birthday card on your birthday for your birthday!
Also, you can submit podcast topics suggestions and vote on future episodes!
You can submit and vote on merch designs
Devon will legit give you his number so that you can ask him science and nature questions as soon as they pop into your head!

Of course, you get all the previous perks, but also…
Also, we will tweet a tweet of your choice as long as it is at least “school appropriate”. Devon is a teacher, after all!
Monthly “campfire chats”. Will there be an actual fire? Sometimes. In the summer for sure!  Once per month, we’ll do a Google Hangout to chat with you about the show, life, random wonderings, and whatever else comes up!
A personal thank you video in which we may look very tired
Of course, you get all the previous perks, but also…
You’ve got mail!
Each month, we’re gonna send you something in the mail. It might be some artwork, or a cool rock, or a letter, or something else! Who knows! Also, one patron at this level per month will be randomly selected to receive a bonus gift. Maybe it will be some cool merch, or a canvas print, or something else you may never have imagined!
Also, like, can we call you? 
No joke, if you let us check in with you, we’d love to put you on your show!
At this level we owe it to you to make you some art. Tell us what animal you want painted or sketched and we’ll do it!
Also, you get a mug! Recent studies indicate coffee will likely be extinct by 2080 if we don’t change our climate trajectory, so you might as well enjoy it now!

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