Share the Love this Valentine’s Day| Snakes and Spiders!

Last year, we decided to celebrate Valentine’s by sharing the love with some of nature’s most unloved: snakes and spiders!

We had some of our all-time favorite guests and amazing sci-commers on as a part of the series, and it’d be an absolute shame if their charm was lost to years past, so we’re sharing them again.

In part 1, we talk to Sebastian Echeverri about everything from fear of spiders, spider VR, spider dancing, spider sex, tiny spiders on tiny treadmills, and everything in-between!

In part 2, we talk to Shakira QuiƱones about Nephilid Spiders (like North America’s Golden Silk), weird spider sex, and have her and Sebastian Echeverri answer your listener submitted questions! We talk spider oral sex, copulatory plugs, Spider-Frog Buddy Comedies, flying spiders, superheroes, and more!

In part 3, we talk to Dr Robert T Mason about the absolute chaos that is the sex life of a garter snake. We talk snake pits, mating balls, cloacal fluids, copulatory plugs, cryptic female choice, Snakes on a Plane, pheromones, and so much more!

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