The Wild Life’s Binoculars for Young Birders (and naturalist kits) Fundraiser

Our mission is to interrupt systemic barriers of exclusion through free educational content, experiences, and funding for youth programs and professional development, in alignment with antiracist values in order to make the outdoors and science a more inclusive, safe, and accessible place.

As one of our first initiatives as a nonprofit organization, we are launching the Binocular’s for Young Birders Program, aiming to raise $5,000 by May 8th to get the program up and running.

You can donate by clicking here!

With this program, we hope to provide every attendee to our events that’s under the age of 18 with a free pair of binoculars, and a birding/naturalist kit. We also will have a web form available for individuals to apply for a pair! We have an event coming up on May 8th, a Big Day birding event, which would be perfect for our first distribution!

Will you help us start this door-opening program for youth?

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