Behind the 𝗦𝗖i𝗘𝗡c𝗘𝗦 with Dr Mariela Gantchoff

Meet this week’s guest before the episode airs!

She is an ecologist at the intersection of theoretical and applied ecology, currently working on landscape and quantitative ecology in relation to the conservation and management of terrestrial wildlife. A lot of her current research involves working to understand wildlife use of natural and developed landscapes, range expansion of recolonizing species, how sex-specific differences can influence conservation and management, and the interactions between humans and wildlife. Specifically, she often works on species distributions, landscape connectivity, population, and metapopulation dynamics,  carnivore ecology and behavior, applied conservation science, community ecology, and citizen/community science.

Dr Gantchoff is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Global Wildlife Conservation Center (formerly Camp Fire Program in Wildlife Conservation), at the State University of New York where she investigates aspects of population and the spatial ecology of recolonizing black bears in human-modified landscapes, in collaboration with the Missouri Black Bear Project and Missouri Department of Conservation. In addition, she also researches cougar range expansion in the eastern USA, and supports researchers investigating wolf potential distribution and mortality sources in North America, among other topics. Dr Gantchoff is also a part of the Jaguar Network, an NGO focused on the conservation and restoration of the jaguar, as well as its habitats, in northern Argentina.

Her past research and projects involve a variety of topics such as land use impact on mammal communities, invasive herbivores’ effect on native carnivores occurrence and activity, quantifying exotic species richness (plants, birds, and mammals) in protected areas,  small carnivore introductions around the world, and avian reproductive ecology and behavior.

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