TWL NEWS| Wildlife Weekend Update: August 3, 2021

Vermont’s 25th annual rabies bait drop to begin Thursday

On a similar note, Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Pro Am Race for the Cure will be taking place this Friday

Beginning on Thursday, technicians will begin distributing 450,000 quarter-sized blister packs containing a rabies vaccine that will be distributed in nearly 100 Vermont communities across nine counties.

The vaccine is attractive to raccoons and skunks.
In some areas, the vaccine will be dropped from low-flying aircraft. In residential areas, the vaccine will be placed by hand.

The bait packs are not poisonous and are not harmful to people, pets, or wildlife.
“You can’t get rabies from the bait,” said Vermont Public Health Veterinarian Natalie Kwit, which sounds like the exact kind of thing rabies would say, “but it’s important that if you find a bait pack, don’t touch it, and please leave it undisturbed so that they can be eaten by wild animals.”, which sound like the exact kind of thing a raccoon would say.,

In unrelated news, the Biden administration, Moderna, and Pfizer have announced it will be funding pop-up Krispy Kreme locations across the south and midwest and air-dropping special edition jelly-filled donates for absolutely no reason at all.

A bored camera operator gives cockroach a scurrying moment of Olympic glory

The televised video cut to a close-up of a cockroach making its way along a ledge during the final minutes of the women’s field hockey match
When reached for comments, the roach had only this to say “best $20 bucks ever spent”

Bubonic plague in chipmunks forces closure of top Lake Tahoe sites

Scientists were first alerted of this matter when one chipmunk was spotted wearing a plague doctor mask and using a small twig to direct other chipmunks to gather the dead into a miniature wheelbarrow.

‘Hot Fuzz’ Hardwick swan detained for blocking traffic

Cambridgeshire Police said it received multiple reports of the “cheeky chap swanning around” the A428 by Hardwick.

He was taken away in a police car to “custody (the nearest water officers could find)” it said.
When asked why it was crossing the road, the swan had this to say “that’s exactly the question! I was midway across when I was struck with a sudden spell of self-realization and began to sak myself “why?” Why was I crossing the road? Why roads? Why swan? Why existence? Is it all a meaningless race to the finish line of death? Now please excuse me. I need a cuppa.”

Tokyo Olympics: Man builds squirrel course in Hitchin garden

A man has created an Olympic-themed squirrel obstacle course in his back garden to mark Tokyo 2020.
Steve Barley, 57, from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, spent almost three months building the course, designed around events in a heptathlon.

Two wild grey squirrels have learned to master the obstacles to get to the nuts at the end, although they don’t always use it correctly.

The squirrels report being in the best shape of their lives but are being sure to bring attention the immense stress from the broader squirrel community to perform exceedingly well and how the expectations make it harder and harder to keep their eye on the nutty prize.

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