To Keep Living a Wild Life

Hey readers!

Lots of exciting things are happening, some I am able to discuss and others not so much…yet. In fact, I’ve redesigned the website to better feature new content, and just put out another new episode with another coming this week.

I am finishing production on a Horseshoe Crab Episode, Deer, and Whale Evolution episode, continuing to write episodes of Us, preparing for the Class series, and about to embark on an effort to record the IPCC report in podcast form to make it more accessible to the masses. Also, I have 47 fully written episodes I will begin recording sometime next week. Yall, I’ve got a year’s worth of content ready to go.

All of this while still teaching full-time and having just started my first semester of grad school. With that being said, I have an uncomfortable ask. Keeping this going during grad school is going to be tough.

BUT if The Wild Life can help to pay for my grad school, I’ll better be able to keep things up because I won’t be pulled away from it to cover my grad school costs.

If you or someone you know may be interested in becoming a patron, please share our information with them. Heck, sharing our patreon on social media would be crazy helpful! Thank you so much for all of your support. My goal is to never let you down.<3 Devon

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