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After nearly 5 years of podcasting and blogging, I’m forging a new path. I don’t know how it will look. I don’t know what to tell you to expect. What I do know is I’ve thrown out a lot of the fluff that was eating up my bandwidth and adding to my stress. What remains? The Wild Life, Science People, Us, and Class as podcasts and blogs. Even those, though, are going to look different fairly soon, being a more accurate reflection, or extension, of me as a person, and used much more as a creative outlet than a formulaic, predictable pattern that has started to feel disingenuous and lifeless as time has gone on. 

Your support helps me to afford to keep things going, covering domain and website costs, adobe creative cloud costs, and podcast hosting platform costs. Someday, I hope this little patreon that could can begin to earn enough to allow me to expand the creative horizons of the show even further so that I can do things like compose original music for the series, create live and animated videos, and be able to afford supplies to create engaging science videos and demonstration how-to’s. But those are all things I’ve decided not to chase, and instead will be eternally grateful if they come and will give them my all simply because it’s my passion.

If you’re a long time member, or newly joining, know that I am incredibly thankful for any and all support, and that I genuinely appreciate you as human beings. I will do my best to show that thanks. Sometimes life provides barriers and challenges that make it difficult to fulfill grand commitments and scheduled timelines, and so that’s why I have slimmed down the patron benefits. I’m a high school teacher and the father of two young boys outside of this. My kids will always be my number one priority, my career second, and so sometimes I need breaks or a hiatus from creation to take care of me and my own. I don’t want to feel like I’ve let yall down, nor do I want to falter on my word. Instead, I’ll continue to create, and as time goes on I hope that this becomes a genuine community of mutual admiration and support. 

I want to get to know each and every one of you, have you on any of the shows, and help you to succeed in your pursuits just as you are helping me in mine. That’s my commitment. Content, creation, compassion, and community.

thank you for being you

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