What Animal has the Highest Blood Pressure?

Typically when we think of high blood pressure, we think of the negatives like high stress and a variety of high-risk health conditions. Yet for some in the animal kingdom, high blood pressure is a mere fact of life. So, what animal has the highest blood pressure?

The Giraffe! Their blood pressure can reach 300/180 near their heart which is twice that of an adult human. Near their head, it’s about equal to a humans. For context, if a human had blood pressure that high, their organs would almost certainly fail them.

Knowing now that it’s a giraffe, you can probably take a wild guess as to the reason behind their J Jonah Jameson level blood pressure.

Well, when you are an animal with an outrageously long neck and a sky-high head, you need sky-high blood pressure to pump against the force of gravity and reach the important bits like the brain. Mind you, their brains are nearly 20 feet off the ground.

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