Hall of Fame

Our work is almost entirely supported by the people who have made it here to leave their immortal mark on the internet as dear friends and supporters of the show. You too can join at www.patreon.com/thewildlife

$1: You’re the Inspiration

Megan Ghariani, Since 7/1/19

Maria Hancox, Since 4/18/20

Kim Drolet, Since 6/26/20

Rosie Bailie, Since 7/22/20

Gina Spadafori, Since 2/18/21

What They Get:

Exclusive access to our Patreon Newsfeed + early access to secret items in The Wild Life Shop. What’s in the newsfeed? Fun updates and videos, behind-the-scenes content, stories about our process and more. You also get to submit questions to the show!

Plus, a shout-out in every episode, and a spot on our Hall of Fame on thewildlife.blog

$5: Change MAker

Stefanie Rothstein, Since 7/8/21

Mad Scientist Pod, Since 9/25/20

Charlene Irvin-Brown, Since 7/18/20

Karyn Bergman, Since 6/26/20

Vikram Baliga, Since 5/20/20

What They Get:

Everything above, plus each month we’ll send you a set of customized downloadable wallpapers and phone backgrounds featuring beautiful artwork and images related to that month’s episode. Plus each month we’ll send you digital (and printable) coloring book pages. Send us a copy/picture of your best work and we’ll feature it on thewildlife.blog.
You also gain the ability to make episode topic requests!

$10: Wildling

What They Get:

Everything above, plus exclusive access to sneak peeks from upcoming episodes. Expect pics, clips, and otherwise un-published whatchamacallits from content no one has seen or heard yet.
And a sticker!

$20: Symbiotic

Charlie Rodriguez, Since 7/18/20

Angela Sybert, Since 4/6/20

Matt Capelle, Since 6/24/19

Christina Bowker, Since 3/28/18

What They Get:

All the previous stuff 
+ a personal animal drawing
+ the chance to be on our show as a guest!

$30: TWL BFF

Karen Bengtson, Since 12/15/20

What They Get:

Everything above, plus the gushy feelings of knowing that a year at this tier helps us to provide an entire classroom with a brand new set of binoculars, or is helping to sponsor a college student in their professional development!
Plus, you’ll get a coffee mug or reusable water bottle, AND access to monthly live streams with the hosts and the occasional special guest!
and Devon’s phone number for whenever you have nature-y questions!

$50: TWL Whale

What They Get:

Everything above, plus have the opportunity to join interviews with guests and have your questions answered!

 Plus join our monthly live stream in the video call! Not just watch it, but be a part of it! You will get to ask the team questions in real-time and face to face.
PLUS a sticker, PLUS a tote bag, PLUS a t-shirt

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