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The Wild Life is working in partnership with HIKEHoppers, a central-MN based non-profit organization whose vision is to connect "people to nature through hiking events, educational learning experiences, and wellness services, in order to support healthier and happier communities."

On the second Saturday of each month, you can join experienced naturalist, nature nerd, and creator/host of The Wild Life, Devon Bowker (@devonthenatureguy), on a series of themed hiking adventures focused on forging connections with, and learning about, the natural world around you. On these hikes, you'll discover the social network of trees, nocturnal life, what wild lives are doing as the seasons change, and how you can become a master birder---even in the dead of winter! Of course, any other questions or curiosities you have along the way are fair game, too!

On occasion, resident hiking expert and tip guru, Chelsea Bowker (@teacherwhohikes) will also be tagging along!

Here is a list of hikes scheduled for the remainder of the year. All hikes are at Stearns County, MN parks. You can register at hikehoppers.org

September 14 at 1pm - The Social Network of Trees: Kraemer Lake 

If trees could talk, what would they say? Eavesdrop on the underground conversations of trees and catch a rare glimpse at the mysterious social network known as the Wood Wide Web.

October 12 at 7pm - Full Moon Hike: Rockville

Join naturalist, Devon Bowker, on a hike under the light of the full moon as we discover nocturnal lives and explore the natural phenomena under its influence.

November 9 at 1pm - Seasons Change: Mississippi

Minnesota is fortunate to experience all 4 seasons. The changes between them—and the changes experienced by the plants and animals exposed to the elements—can be witnessed in both extreme swings and near invisible changes. On this hike, we are going to explore the woods on a search for signs of a changing season.

December 14 at 1pm - Winter Birding: Warner Lake

Many think that birding is something that can only be done in the summer in MN, but a surprisingly large amount of species stick around. How do they survive? How do they stay warm? On this hike, you’ll get answers to those questions, as well as learn how to spot and identify common Minnesota winter birds—and just in time for volunteering for the annual Christmas Bird Count!

You can register at hikehoppers.org

We also highly recommend you check out their other programs and events!

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