Who’s Laughing Now? Hyenas with Dr Kay Holekamp

Everybody knows their sound. It's haunting, but it also holds fascinating secrets.Hyena’s have been painted as villains, demons ridden by witches, grave robbing ghouls, and the embodiment of all things vile by people for thousands of years. Nature documentaries and Disney films alike play no small role. That’s what we’re exploring today. Much like in [...]

Phylum: Porifera (SPONGES)

The first installment of our first ever miniseries is here--Phylum: Porifera!Sponges are often overlooked aside from Spongebob Squarepants and cleaning. It's time that changed. Dive into the amazing life history of sponges!Throughout this series, we will be covering 9 of the main phyla in the animal kingdom. Next up on our list? Cnidaria (jellies)!On our [...]

#WormGate2020: An unimaginable can of worms with Ellen Weatherford!

On July 18th, Just the Zoo of Us posted a harmless tweet asking "what is the most overhyped animal?"It started an all out war: #WormGate2020This is our attempt, along with Ellen Weatherford's, at a tracing explanation of what exactly went down.To see the original tweet and follow the breadcrumbs yourself, go here: https://twitter.com/JusttheZooofUs/status/1284598945377812481?s=20Support The Wild [...]

A Conversation with Chelsea Connor: Part 2

Hey everyone, a bit of a different approach with this episode. Last week, we left off talking SciComm and just about to talk about @BlackAFinStem and #BlackBirdersWeek. That's where we pick up this time in a conversation that spans immigration, COVID 19, the problem with SciComm, being a person of color in a scientific field, [...]

Did You Anole? with Chelsea Connor Part 1

Color changing, mini lassos, islands, superpowers, vivid blues, falling of limbs, and so much more!This first half is largely focused on the anoles, but part 2, see, Chelsea is one of the cofounders of #BlackBirdersWeek and @BlackAFinSTEM, and so our conversation in the second half largely revolves around that, SciComm, art, and at the time, [...]

The Man with the Planarian with Dr. Oné R. Pagán

This episode starts with a major announcement, but then...Tattoos, superheroes, opportunities, regeneration, Men in Black, phallic fencing, 1st brains, discoveries, cocaine, addiction, belly button mouths, and so much more. So, wherever you are, maybe a floaty in a pool gliding around like a flatworm in a petri dish, get ready for our conversation with Dr. [...]

An Absolutely Major Announcement

This is the start, the real start, of what our mission should have been from the beginning.Before the end of the summer, we will have initiated all of the necessary filing paperwork establishing ourselves as a Nonprofit Organization!YOU can help us to reach that goal even faster, and to begin the work on some of [...]

Snow Leopards with Dr Koustubh Sharma

Dog person? Cat person? No, no, no. We’re all Snow Leopard people.AI, the difficulty of finding snow leopards, a strange form of social networking, tricky trail cam footage, using their floofness as a conservation tool, what to call a group of snow leopards, how snow leopards are world-class experts at social distancing, and so much [...]

Big Life with Just The Zoo Of US

Life is a lot of things, but one thing it can be is unexpectedly big. Like, really, really big. What started as a random question from a high schooler ("what's the biggest living thing?") with a seemingly straight forward answer, evolved into a search that lead to some very unexpected places. Such a big journey [...]

Revisit: Frogcicles

If you live in the north, you almost definitely know we have frogs, but how do they survive the winter? That's what we explore today as we revisit one of our SHORT series episodes from July 2019!Read the associated blog post and check out some pictures!Rate and review us wherever you listen, or on Podchaser [...]

#CitSciFri with Katie-Lyn Bunney of the Monarch Joint Venture

It's #CitizenScienceFriday! This week, we sit down to chat with Katie-Lyn Bunney, Education Coordinator at the Monarch Joint Venture, a partnership of federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academic programs that are working together to support and coordinate efforts to protect the monarch butterfly migration across the lower 48 United States.YOU can be involved in Monarch [...]

Tainted Love Part 2: Spider Sex and Freaky Facts with Shakira Quiñones and Sebastian Echeverri

We're flipping the script this Valentine's Day with a three part series where we show some love to nature's unloved: spiders and snakes!In part 2, we talk to Shakira Quiñones about Nephilid Spiders (like North America's Golden Silk), weird spider sex, and have her and Sebastian Echeverri answer your listener submitted questions! We talk spider [...]

How to Make a Snowflake

In this episode, Devon and Richard talk snow, Frozen 2, whether or not water has memory (and if it's good or bad), the Big Bang, the formation of planets, the secret role of bacteria, why snowflakes are intricately symmetrical, and more! **Stay tuned for an updated episode description containing a link to 2 video demonstrations [...]

When the Tables are Turned (a Thanksgiving Special!)

My how the turntables!In today's special holiday episode, Devon and Richard summarize some recent news of tenacious turkey turmoil, and explain how it is that the wild turkey became our Thanksgiving centerpiece.Prepare for a hearty helping of puns, unnecessarily long historical interviews, and straight facts!Check out thewildlife.blog later this week for our favorite turkey attack [...]

Fireflies with Lynn Frierson Faust

Discover why we are seeing less fireflies, the secrets behind their natural glow, how to find yourself a lady firefly, and so much more in this jam-packed episode.Our guest is Lynn Frierson Faust, the lightning bug lady of Knoxville, TN. She’s the author of Fireflies, Glow-worms, and Lightning Bugs,which details flash patterns of the 75+ [...]