Meet Devon

meet devon
Hey there! My name is Devon Bowker. I am 25, living somewhere in Minnesota, and an immensely proud husband and father above all else. I recently graduated from St. Cloud State University where I studied in the fields of Wildlife Biology and Ecology. Anyone who knows me can confirm that I am rarely seen without a coffee mug within arms reach. I am constantly contemplating some sort of existential dilemma which the constant flow of caffeine only amplifies, but hey, that’s me. As is sure to be a surprise to anyone who has come across this site, I am what some would call a nerd, though I prefer the term geekery-enthusiast. This makes me a bit of a conundrum though as I am also an outdoors fanatic, the two of which don’t often go together. I can go from talking birds and hiking to Doctor Who and comics without skipping a beat. I’m also really into health and fitness and am one of those people that runs on purpose without being chased. I love documentaries, superhero and sci-fi flicks, and I’m a Coldplay superfan. My favorite superhero is Batman though I’m most like The Flash. I am always hungry and eat constantly, like a human garbage disposal. Fun Fact: I can put away more donuts than most would think possible in one sitting. I am chromesthetic, meaning I visually and involuntarily see color associated with heard sounds. My favorite books are Into the Wild, Wild, and Sand County Almanac (sense a theme?).

I work as a naturalist for the Department of Natural Resources and have similar experiences going back the last 5 years. In college, I lived for campus involvement, devoting four years to the universities event planning board, three years as the Ecology Club President, and serving the campus through various other organizations.

I’m about to drop a major, earth-shattering, revelation on you: we all live on earth. That being the case, everything that we do, all of our problems, all of our advances, everything and everyone that we know and love are all connected to the natural world. It is this reality that is the foundation of my belief that the interdisciplinary field of ecology is one of the most essential, though it is also highly underappreciated. Understanding the vast web of life, examining the connections, roles, and relationships between both living and non-living things is a necessity if we are to live sustainably and successfully. That is why I devote my life to the work of a naturalist, interpreting the natural world and the life histories of this planets non-human inhabitants.

I invite you to stick around with me to explore, learn about, and discover the wonders, curiosities, and badassery of the natural world. We’ve only got one life. Make it a wild one.