About the Podcast

The Wild Life is a weekly science and nature podcast about life on earth, connections, and our place in it all—available wherever you get your podcasts!

So, what does that mean? What can you expect? Well we’re glad you hypothetically asked!

We like to keep things consistent, but we also like to provide you with diverse perspectives and interesting stories! Here are a few things you can expect every single episode:

  • 10-Second Safety Tips!
  • A weekly hiking tip from resident hiking guru, Chelsea Bowker (@teacherwhohikes)
  • The Animal Sound of the Week: one correct guesser per week gets a prize! Maybe not a great prize, but a prize, nonetheless.
  • a weekly, totally real, not at all a human, animal guest
  • and connections to Next Generation Science Standards with lesson ideas

Otherwise, here’s what to expect:

  • 2-3 Friday’s per month (depending on the number of Friday’s) will be dedicated to answering interesting listener questions or covering briefer topics (Why are giraffe necks so long? How did turtles get there shells? etc.)
  • The 2nd Friday each month will be at least an hour long episode with at least one special, expert guest
  • The last Friday each month will be #CitSciFri (Citizen Science Friday), showcasing a new and interesting project, app, or program that lets everyday people get down and dirty with science!

These episodes are coming soon!

Have a question for us that you want answered on our show? Heck friggin yes! Here’s the deal: the best thing to do is message us on instagram at @thewildlife.blog or @devonthenatureguy, but you could also email us at hey.thewildlife@gmail.com

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