The Wild Life

A show about the natural world and how to protect it.

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The air we breathe, the biggest life, flatworms, jellyfish, zebra stripes, penguins, fireflies, and frogcicles.

The Wild Life is a weekly science and nature podcast from two brothers that explores natures untold stories and wild secrets. It’s an exploration of truth, common ground, and shared places as we attempt to fill each episode with wonder, connectedness, intrigue, and humor. This planet is a strange place. Its inhabitants are even stranger. Our favorite saying is that “science happens not with a ‘Eureka!’, but an ‘Oh, that’s weird…’. Those are the moments we want to explore.

Our secondary purpose is to expose the humanity of science and our interconnectedness with nature. We interview esteemed scientists, naturalists, and everyday people alike in hopes of showing that we’re all science people, and we all have within us a level of childlike wonder and geekery that we should wield proudly like a badge of honor.

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