About the Podcast

The Wild Life is a weekly science and nature podcast about life on earth, connections, and our place in it all—available wherever you get your podcasts!

So, what does that mean? What can you expect? Well we’re glad you hypothetically asked!

The Wild Life is a show by two brothers: one, a Minnesota science teacher with a background in wildlife biology; the other, a space science student in Texas. The Wild Life blends science, nature, and the human experience through storytelling and interviews with earths experts—with a few detours!

These episodes are coming soon!

Have a question for us that you want answered on our show? Heck friggin yes! Here’s the deal: the best thing to do is message us on instagram at @thewildlife.blog or @devonthenatureguy, but you could also email us at hey.thewildlife@gmail.com

The Wild Life is listener and reader supported. If you like what you hear, and want to hear more, you can show your support by becoming a Patron here at patreon.com/thewildlife for as little as $1 per month! That’s less than you’d spend getting a drink at a drive-thru! When you become a patron, you help to guarantee that we can keep our show going and you get tons of cool perks! Like, tons!

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