True Nature #1: Conversation with Maria Hancox

When we started The Wild Life, the original idea was to answer listener submitted questions and have every day people on the show to interview guests with us or talk about their interests and passion. Well, when you first start a podcast, you have no listeners, so we had to re-evaluate. In the last year, we’ve grown quite a bit and now have that listener base which enables us to do that which we originally set out to do, so today, we’re bringing you the first of many to come: a conversation with artist and outdoors/nature enthusiast, Maria Hancox.

She has amazing artwork, and an amazing eye for the little things in nature, and you should absolutely be following her on any of her 3 instagram accounts, @muhreeugh, @mhancoxart, and @mariaoutside

In this episode, we talk about butterflies, ant symbiosis, Ologies, chasing curiosity, iNaturalist, and following your passion. We also have a lot of callbacks to past episode topics like The Metamorphosis Metaphor, #CitSciFri with Carrie Seltzer of iNaturalist, Ant Farm, and The Dirty Truth About Butterflies

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