Sci Art


  1. Very cool. Is it an indication of an earlier or warmer summer since it’s being seen earlier than usual?

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  3. Devon, have you seen an all black one that is MUCH bigger and fat like a thumb!? Very bristly, too. Curled up also when I tried to relocate it. I Googled it and it seems to be a relatively new phenomenom; people seeing all black ones for the very first time.

  4. Agree with so much here. A good pair of hiking boots will last for years. And I refuse to buy North Face. We only buy things when they’re on sale. Collecting gear is a marathon, not a sprint. Buy good quality, take care of it, and enjoy it for many, many years!

    PS — love how the boots made it into the wedding and baby announcements.

  5. I spotted some Indian pipes at Quarry Park about a month ago and took some photos! Love those plants! Thanks for your cactus walk this evening at Quarry Park. So informative!

  6. Found these up elk creek outside of shady cove near lost creek lake. Grew next to filberts at about 3500 feet elevation

  7. I find the article very informative.
    3rd to last paragraph, elude not allude.
    Sorry, I am a teacher, lol.

  8. Are these things dangerous to people my son picked one that was floating around in the water, and now has a rash on his arm.

    1. They are not 😊. However, the rash could be from a number of other aquatic organisms. Where did this happen?

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