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  • Sunday Fish Sketch| Freshwater Elephantfish

    Sunday Fish Sketch| Freshwater Elephantfish

    This #SundayFishSketch comes from Ichthyologist, Rene Martin. Visit her shop on InPrint to see more of her artwork or to order prints! Meet the Freshwater Elephantfish Mormyridae Mormyridae is an African family of 200 or so species in the biological order Osteoglossiformes. Oddly enough, but fitting in line with the peculiar and…

  • #SundayFishSketch Banded Scuplin

    #SundayFishSketch Banded Scuplin

    The banded sculpin (Cottus carolinae) is a mottled brown freshwater fish with dark vertical bands native to swift moving streams of the eastern United States where they dine on insects, various larvae, and occasionally, though sparingly, on other smaller fish or crustaceans.

  • #SundayFishSketch Redeye Piranha

    #SundayFishSketch Redeye Piranha

    Piranhas need no introduction being that their teeth and diet have earned them quite the reputation, especially around Hollywood as a super villains aquarium species of choice or as the center of several B-movies.



    If you’ve ever seen a gelatinous blob of ick floating in the water and wondered what type of alien life you were seeing, it was probably a Bryozoan, and they’re honestly pretty neat.

  • #SundayFishSketch Largemouth Bass

    #SundayFishSketch Largemouth Bass

    If the Largemouth Bass was in school (not the fishy kind, but the human kind), they’d almost certainly be one of the popular kids.