Help us make a difference

We've just made some significant updates to our Patreon!The Wild Life & the work we do is entirely member & donor-supported.Please consider joining us in our mission to inspire hope of a green & just future through open access to the natural world Preview the tiers and their rewards/benefits here: $1Exclusive access to our Patreon … Continue reading Help us make a difference

The Wild Life’s Binoculars for Young Birders (and naturalist kits) Fundraiser

With this program, we hope to provide every attendee to our events that's under the age of 18 with a free pair of binoculars, and a birding/naturalist kit. We also will have a web form available for individuals to apply for a pair! We have an event coming up on May 8th, a Big Day birding event, which would be perfect for our first distribution!

An Absolutely Major Announcement

The Wild Life was born out of a desire to help alleviate something that, at the time, we were calling the nature accessibility gap. Initially, it was clear that this gap existed along economic and other demographic lines, exposing a stark pattern of under-representation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) individuals and communities in … Continue reading An Absolutely Major Announcement