What are Eco-Challenges?

Eco-Challenges are hosted by Joule Bug, a free smartphone app which “makes sustainable living social, simple, and actually fun. You can download it in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Within the app, you can join communities. In this case, The Wild Life Community where you can “buzz” your accomplishments and green deeds. It can even track the pounds of CO2 saved, waste diverted, and gallons of water saved by the community as a whole.

The Wild Life will be host of Eco-Challenges focused on different areas of sustainability, which you can join within the app. I will be blogging and vlogging weekly about my experience, sharing with you tips, life hacks, and lessons learned. Each week, I will cover a different subtopic(s) of the current challenges theme via videos loaded with the facts you need to know about why making these changes in your life can help change the world! I invite and encourage you all to follow along and share about your experiences.