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You have just reached the mitochondria of the cell that is The Wild Life. This is where the magic happens. The powerhouse of the blog, if you will. The Wild Life started as a blog long before it became a podcast, and many episodes often find their origins right here! .

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One of my favorite sayings is that “science happens not with a ‘Eureka!’, but an ‘Oh, that’s weird…’. Those are the moments The Wild Life wants to explore. The air we breathe, the biggest, the brainless, the shiniest, striped mysteries, penguin knees, fireflies, frogcicles, and everything in between.

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The Wild Life is a place for the curious, the adventurous, the hopeful, and the hopeless to discover new knows and unknowns about the natural world and its inhabitants. The Wild Life seeks to bring the traditional naturalist experience into the 21st century by merging immersive storytelling and foley art with technology and creative experiences. It’s an exploration of truth, curiosity, and shared places as we attempt to fill each episode with wonder, connectedness, intrigue, and humor.

We interview esteemed scientists, naturalists, and everyday people alike in hopes of showing that we’re all natural scientists, and we all have within us a level of childlike wonder and geekery that we should wield proudly like a badge of honor.

Class is a new spin-off series exploring all of animal life one class at a time. Each season focuses on a new phylum of life. Each episode, a new class.

Season one began hitting podcast platforms in Spring 2022. It explores the Phylum Porifera which is made up of sponges of all kinds.

These episodes are being produced along with various educational resources such as visuals, slide decks, worksheets, and more! All are free to use and download, and designed with high school and introductory university biology courses in mind.

Want an idea of the style and flavor? Think audio-nature documentary meets Zoology 101 lecture set to an immersive soundscape of pensive music and sound effects.

Immersive 8D Nature Soundscapes for focus, sleep, or meditation.

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Big Ideas Made Simple

“If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Sir Isaac Newton

Welcome to Science People!, the science hub of The Wild Life centered on the physics and chemistry concepts and principles that make the study of life possible!

What is Equilibrium?

When you lay in bed on your phone, you’re at rest. You aren’t moving. To get nerdy for a moment, you’re in equilibrium. Well, one kind at least.

What is Newton’s 1st Law? + Inertia

If you’re here, it’s either because you have been following the series, you need help on homework, or you just like science. Either way, today it’s time to introduce Newton’s Laws.

What is Net Force?

As we start to explore the world of physics and motion and look at how things interact more closely, we start to see that nothing happens without affecting or being affected by something else.

What is Force?

No, not that kind of force. But that would be so cool, wouldn’t it?! We’re talking about the science kind of force. IN SCIENCE, A FORCE IS ANY PUSH OR PULL BETWEEN ONE OBJECT AND ANOTHER  The universe is full of them and we have names for just about every kind! The best part? We … Continue reading What is Force?

Understanding Motion: Momentum, Acceleration

Changing speed is different for different things depending on their current speed and size, or their mass. To understand this, we use something called momentum.

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Hi, I’m Devon Bowker


I am a parent of two amazing children, high school science teacher, graduate student, geek of all trades, naturalist, science communicator/writer, President of The Open (Out)Doors Project, host and producer of The Wild Life, Class, Us, The Wild Life: 8D Soundscapes, The Wild Life KIDS, and Science People! and the creator behind #500DaysHappier.

I am available for public speaking engagements (in-person and virtual), naturalist programs, consultations, and voice work (voiceovers, narrations, audiobooks, ads, podcast promo). If interested in any of these services, please contact me at or use this contact form for rates and availability.