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Wildlife Ambassadors

The Wildlife Ambassador program is our way of helping to spread the joy and compassion of our community by taking 10% of each member’s monthly contributions and diverting them to conservation or research programs related to a wild life of their choosing!

Megan Ghariani| $0.40 donated towards the Sea Turtle Conservancy

Andrea Lloyd| $1.50 donated towards the Sea Turtle Conservancy

Chris Trankel| $8.00 donated towards Penguins International

Matt Capelle| $8.00 donated to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation

$17.90 has been raised for conservation by members of The Wild Life since the program was launched in November 2019

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The Wild Life Book Club

This is the official book club of The Wild Life | Blog & Podcast! Each month, we will pick a new nature and wildlife-related book to read together, discuss, ponder, and geek out about! We’re a community, so we’re always welcome to new ideas and suggestions, whether they’re book suggestions, discussion topics, or whatever else they may be!

February 2020| The truth about animals by lucy cooke

An award-winning National Geographic zoologist exposes the wild side of wildlife. Humans have gone to the Moon and discovered the Higgs boson, but when it comes to understanding animals, we’ve still got a long way to go. Whether we’re seeing a viral video of romping baby pandas or a picture of penguins “holding hands,” it’s hard for us not to project our own values–innocence, fidelity, temperance, hard work–onto animals. So you’ve probably never considered if moose get drunk, penguins cheat on their mates, or worker ants lay about. They do–and that’s just for starters. In The Truth About Animals, Lucy Cooke takes us on a worldwide journey to meet everyone from a Danish rat tickler to a Chinese panda porn peddler, all to lay bare the secret–and often hilarious–habits of the animal kingdom. Charming and at times downright weird, this modern bestiary is perfect for anyone who has ever suspected that virtue might be unnatural.

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Hike With Us

The Wild Life is working in partnership with HIKEHoppers, a central-MN based non-profit organization whose vision is to connect "people to nature through hiking events, educational learning experiences, and wellness services, in order to support healthier and happier communities."

On the second Saturday of each month, you can join experienced naturalist, nature nerd, and creator/host of The Wild Life, Devon Bowker (@devonthenatureguy), on a series of themed hiking adventures focused on forging connections with, and learning about, the natural world around you. On these hikes, you'll discover the social network of trees, nocturnal life, what wild lives are doing as the seasons change, and how you can become a master birder---even in the dead of winter! Of course, any other questions or curiosities you have along the way are fair game, too!

On occasion, resident hiking expert and tip guru, Chelsea Bowker (@teacherwhohikes) will also be tagging along!

Here is a list of hikes scheduled for the remainder of the year. All hikes are at Stearns County, MN parks.

You can register at

March 14, at 1:00pm - Warner Lake: Leave it to Beavers

April 11, at 1:00pm - Quarry: Earth Day

May 9, at 1:00pm - Kraemer Lake: Tiny Nature

June 13, at 1:00pm - Warner Lake: Dragonfly Discovery

August 12, at 1:00pm - Quarry: Technology & the Outdoors

September 8, at 1:00pm - Rockville: Bugs and Blooms

November 14 Rockville: Hidden Creatures Special Time: 7pm

December 12, at 1:00 pm Warner Lake: How to make a Snowflake