Pausing to Breathe

Hey everyone, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I wanted to take a moment to share where my headspace is at. As I’ve mentioned a few times lately, with the new house and new job, I’ve found myself presented with a new set of challenges and a work-life balance that’s struggling to, well,…

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Wide-Eyed | Why Goats & Cuttlefish Have Weird Shaped Pupils

Who doesn’t love goats? Especially baby ones. Their gait, their bleat, their tiny horns. But there comes a time in any goat interaction I’ve had where we lock eyes and I’m struck with a mixture of curiosity and unease. 

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Polar Bears & the Illusion of Color

Most would agree that Polar Bears are white, but there’s more to the story than things may appear.

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How Much Does the Sky Weigh?

It’s a question you may have never asked, or wondered about, but now I bet you’re wondering. As it turns out, it’s an unexpectedly loaded question, too!

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New Study Suggests the Dugong is ‘Functionally Extinct in China

According to a paper published on August 24th, 2022 in the journal Royal Society Open Science, the Dugong is now “functionally extinct” in China.

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Can Other Animals Get Sunburns?

When was the last time you saw a roseate rhinoceros, a bronzed bunting, or a peeling porcupine? Can other animals get sunburns?

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